Affordable Options For Home Theater

There are many affordable options for image quality, screen size, audio capacity, and much more! You can decide what you want your home theater experience to sound and like like. The variety of video and audio equipment available can accommodate any budget. Are you already enjoying a home theater, but feel like you should improve it more? PC Paramedic offers professional home theater installation and upgrade service. Call PC Paramedic today at (704) 496-9098!

Rid Your Computer of Viruses Attack

If you’re not already running an up to date virus removal program, install one now. Most of the programs around can prevent and eliminate computer viruses. If you need help, Contact PC Paramedics and we will take care of it and have your computer running like new in no time. Give us a call at 704-496-9098

Extend Your Hard Drive Life

Hard drive damage can be frustrating. Loosing valuable data and files store in a Hard drive can be challenging. You can prevent this. One way to extend the life of your hard drive is proper power management. Hard drives needs a break from constantly running. At PC Paramedics we fix hard dive issues and we guide you on how to ensure your hard drive last longer. Give us a call today at  704-496-9098.

Excellent Plasma TV Installation

Installing a Plasma Television can sometimes be challenging. But we make it look so easy. When you hire our professionals at PC Paramedics to handle your Plasma Television installation, you can be assured that you will get quality installation. Contact PC Paramedics at 704-496-9098

Professional Charlotte Data Restoration Service

Organizations should retain information for compliance and regulatory requirements. It is essential. However, the time and cost for finding and restoring specific data elements usually fall on IT. That is where PC Paramedics data restoration service comes in. If you need a professional, reliable and affordable Charlotte data restoration service, contact PC Paramedic today. Call us at 704-496-9098

Accidental Data Lost Expert

Accidental Data Lost Expert

Accidental Data Lost Expert Charlotte.

Accidental data loss can hit businesses of all sizes. Losing important data and information is a serious problem! It means you’ll lose money and time hiring accidental data lost expert Charlotte to help you recover or restore valuable data for your business.

You may delete data accidentally, or something causes the data to become corrupted leading to significant data loss. Formatting errors, physical damage or viruses can render your data unreadable by both software and humans. Losing documents and files often has a lasting, detrimental impact on your business’ financial health.

It is possible to recover some lost data, but the recovery process will require the assistance of accidental data lost experts Charlotte at PC Paramedic and costs time and resources, which you could be using elsewhere to improve your business.

In other instances, you can’t recover lost files and documents. Therefore, data loss prevention is critical. Understanding the causes of data loss will help you minimize your business’ potential for data loss.

While there has been significant improvements and cost reductions in data storage media, the frequency of data loss incidents has increased recently.

Furthermore, the increased storage capacity of hard drives today enables you to store a considerably large amount of your data on only one hard drive. However, it’s a blessing and a curse because a single damaged drive can lead to significant data loss.

Effects of Data Loss on Businesses

Data loss can disrupt the day-to-day operations of any business, causing a major inconvenience. When you lose important files and documents, your company will spend time and resources hiring an accidental data lost expert Charlotte at PC Paramedic to recover or recreate the lost data.

While you may find hard copies of the information, they may not be as up-to-date as the soft copies that you lost. Corruption or viruses cause data loss that poses specific issues as it can sometimes be difficult to determine the extent of data loss. Weeding out and repairing damaged files can be costly for your business. 

Moreover, data loss that’s accompanied by security breaches sets back productivity timelines and make you lose existing and potential customers. When your company’s sensitive data is compromised or stolen, you must disclose this serious issue to clients. As a result, you will lose their respect and trust.

Even if your business recovers from the data loss, you’ll have to spend time rebuilding reputation and client relationships. Loss of a large amount of data will cause a lot of inconveniences that can have bigger implications for your business. Check the following alarming statistics:

  • 94% of businesses that experience significant data loss don’t recover
  • 51% of these businesses close in less than two years after the data loss
  • 43% of these businesses don’t reopen
  • 70% of small businesses close within a year of a significant data loss

Don’t take an expensive risk of leaving your data unprotected. A 2014 study revealed that 20% of companies lost between $50,000 and $5 million due to data loss from outages.

Several different factors can cause data loss, and each poses a unique problem for data recovery. Hard drive crashes is the leading cause of data loss. Issues with software and human errors follow.

According to data from Kroll Ontrack:

  • System failures or hard drive crashes cause 67% of data loss
  • Human errors cause 14% of data loss
  • Software failures cause 10% of data loss

Understanding different types of data loss and the risks associated with losing valuable data is essential. It helps to prevent significant data loss in your business. 

If you’re looking for an accidental data lost expert Charlotte, contact PC Paramedic. Call us today at 704-496-9098 or fill out the contact form to get a FREE quote and advice.

Your Ideal Business Networking Service

A Business Networking Service can help you to remain competitive by reducing hardware costs and increasing productivity. Instead of buying separate hardware peripherals for every computer, business networking service provides an excellent solution for one printer to be shared among several computers. Are you looking for a reliable, effective, and affordable business networking service, Charlotte? Call PC Paramedic today at 704-496-9098 or use the contact form.