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Custom Built Computers

10 Benefits of Custom Built Computers

Due to sheer lack of knowledge, building a custom computer is something many people deem off limits. Most of them believe it’s more expensive and time-consuming to build a custom computer. They would rather run to the nearest electronic shop to talk to a sales representative about which computer will suit their needs. However, Charlotte custom built computers are not always more expensive considering that they come with several benefits, including:

  1. Motherboard Specifications

You get to choose your motherboard when you build your computer. It is difficult to know what motherboard you are getting with an out of box computer. Furthermore, you will need to visit the vendor who sold the computer to you to help you find additional support and drivers for it down the road.

Selecting your motherboard makes it easy when it comes to the upgrading of computer parts.  Manufacturers usually have lists of compatible parts that are not readily available for the out of the box computers. The bottom line, choosing your motherboard gives you total control over your computer.

  1. Advanced Cooling

Many add-ons to your computer will generate more heat that can make the basic cooling systems to strain or fail. A Charlotte custom-built computers let you customize the inside layout for optimal airflow. It gives you a chance to add in cooling features such as additional fans and liquid cooling.

  1. Use Quality Parts

Computer manufacturers sometimes use low-quality parts to save cash. Since the installation may vary from one machine to another, there’s no way to guarantee the quality of parts. Building your computer allows you or a professional team like PC Paramedic to pick every part used.

  1. Easy Upgrades

A custom built computer makes it easier for you to upgrade parts down the road. You can upgrade to the newest solid-state hard drive without risk of voiding warranties. No need to worry because you’ll just switch it out.

  1. Customization

People have a different set of needs when it comes to computers. You can have full control over the emphasis and build of your computer when you build your own. Whether you are a programmer or a gamer, we will design a custom-built computer that meets your needs.

  1. Appropriate Power Supply

While you may easily overlook it, power supply determines the durability of your computer. It is vital to choose a power supply to support your customization that is much harder to do if you’re modifying a retail computer.

  1. Saves Cash

Custom built computers are not a cash-saving guarantee. However, there is a high chance it’ll run you less than customizing an out of the box computer. You can go for an out of the box computer if you need one for streaming, basic word processing, and internet browsing. Custom-built computers suit people with specific computer requirements, which they cannot find on retail computers.

  1. Parts Warranties

You’ll likely have the option for a 1-2 year warranty when you purchase a retail computer. You can easily void the warranty if you drop the computer, modify it or spill liquid on it. With custom computers, most parts come with their warranties that usually cover the parts for two to three years. It also prevents you from having to send the whole machine in for the replacement of one part or repair.

  1. No Pre-Installed Software

Computer manufacturers usually throw on “bloatware” to make their products more marketable. Building your computer ensures that you avoid having anything on it that you did not choose to have there. Therefore, it saves memory and money. Ultimately, it makes for a better running machine.

  1. Bragging Rights

Building a custom computer is just cool! Your friends, family, and colleagues will be impressed with your smart technological skills. You will easily maintain and update your computer in the future and that will further these bragging rights.

Do you need a Charlotte custom built computer? Call PC Paramedic today at (704) 496-9098. We would love to help you build a custom computer that suits your needs.

Custom Built Computers

Custom Built Computers