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Charlotte Laptop Repair Company – 4 Questions To Ask

Are you looking for a reliable Charlotte laptop repair company? Before you drop your laptop at a Charlotte laptop repair shop or call them for in-home or in-business service, you should ask some important questions. If you don’t get reasonable and genuine answers, you should look for another laptop repair company.

Without further ado, let’s now look at 4 essential questions to ask a Charlotte laptop repair company.

  1. How Much Do You Charge Per Hour?

You probably believe that it is unlikely to forget to ask the cost of a service. However, the stories of some clients always amaze us.  The hourly rate for their previous laptop repair service is quite shocking! You shouldn’t pay exorbitant fees for your laptop repair.

Do not wait until it is time to pay the bill to find out how much the company charges per hour.

  1. Do You Guarantee Your Service?

Always find out whether or not the company provides a guarantee on their Charlotte laptop repair services. The last thing you want is to repair your computer again two weeks later for the same problem.

You shouldn’t accept anything less than 30 days. If a Charlotte laptop repair company offers more than a 90-day guarantee, ensure you read the fine print to know what kind of problems it covers before you choose the company.

As far as “most laptop problems” is concerned, no company can remove a virus from your laptop and then guarantee that your computer will not be infected again. Of course, they should update your antivirus program and ensure it is ready to protect your computer. However, they can’t do anything to stop you from visiting the same malicious websites and possibly getting infected again.

Important: Any reputable Charlotte laptop repair company will look at your laptop before guaranteeing a satisfactory solution to your laptop problem.

  1. Do You Have A Minimum Charge?

At PC Paramedic, our experts take a few minutes or hours to fix some laptop problems. A highly experienced and skilled technician might only spend 10-15 minutes to solve a particular problem. If your laptop problem happens to be one of these “quick fixes,” then you should be aware of how a Charlotte laptop repair company will charge you for it.

Most laptop repair companies in Charlotte charge one of labor for any time up to one hour spent repairing your laptop. Sometimes, this is referred to as a minimum bench charge and is completely customary.

  1. Do You Charge Extra For In-Home/Business Service?

In-store and in-home/in-business laptop repair services are often considered entirely separate services. It is always important to find out any billing differences between their services before getting your laptop repaired.

If a company quotes a rate twice as high for in-home/business laptop repair service, decline it. Take your laptop to their shop or find another company. However, you should expect a reasonable extra charge to visit you-perhaps a 10-20% hourly rate increase or a $10 to $20 single “trip” charge.

Some Charlotte laptop repair companies don’t change anything extra at all for in-home/in-business service. You shouldn’t take that as a sign of poor-quality service, just consider yourself lucky!

For reliable laptop repair services in Charlotte, call PC Paramedic today at (704) 496-9098.

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